Mobile Dairy Classroom

Mobile Dairy Classrooms

Incursions for subjects and stages


We cover multiple subjects and stages with our Mobile Dairy Classroom. 

Paddock to Plate

A fun and interactive activity. Children will interact with the cow and calf and learn first hand where milk comes from and what dairy products we can make from milk.

Early Stage 1, Stage 1

This incursion covers topics from Living Things, Meeting Needs, Earth and It's surrounds and of course Paddock to Plate. Students will learn the needs of dairy cows and how farmers satisfy those needs, how technology has changed/improved milk harvesting on farm, create a flow chart of the distribution chain of milk from farm to fridge and about the processing levels involved with milk and the health benefits of dairy products. STe-10ME/ST1-6P, PHES1-12/PHS1-12, PS ES1.5 STe-8NE/ST1-11LW, STe-9ME,STe-3VA/ST1-3VA, HT1-3, STe-5WT/ST1-5WT, MAe-11MG/MA1-11MG, ST1-13MW

Technology Mandatory

Stage 4

Our Stage 4 Mobile Dairy classroom has been developed to help teach the Technology Mandatory Agriculture and Food Technologies context. Students will explore how a dairy farm is a managed environment investigating the innovative and sustainable ways it produces a food- MILK!   

Food Technology


Our incursion gives students hands-on experience with animals and producing a food product while learning the appropriate use of technology within the industry from on-farm to creating food products. 

Stage 6

Product Study

During this incursion students delve into the principles and decision making processes in a sustainable dairy farm assessing the farm management and marketing of a dairy product. Students will examine the marketing of a chosen dairy product and examine the technologies and technological innovations employed in the production and marketing of this product. 
H3.1, H3.2, H3.3, H3.4

Agricultural Shows
Media Appearances

Why not have us along to add a fun and interactive demonstration at your event or show. 
Maybe you need a cow for a media appearance, we have quiet cows, heifers and calves for all situations.