A Smart Farmer

Mobile Dairy Classroom
Early Stage 1 -Stage 1 Paddock to Plate
Stage 4 - Technology Mandatory 
Stage 6 - Product Study
Food Technology

Mobile Dairy Classroom
Our Mobile Dairy Classroom is a unique, educational and syllabus aligned experience for students to explore food and fibre from Early Stage 1 through to Stage 6. We have a Mobile Dairy Classroom specifically designed for the Technology Mandatory Unit, compulsary in NSW in 2019.
Our Mobile Dairy Classrooms aim to:

1.     Educate about the dairy industry past, present and future
2.     Inform about dairy farms as a managed environment and the ways in which the industry is innovative and produces a food in a sustainable way
3.     Demonstrate how a cow is milked both by machine and hand
4.     Demonstrate how milk is separated into its components using traditional techniques and explain how dairy products are designed, produced and distributed to their final consumer
5.     Demonstrate and allow students to manufacture butter and soft curd cheese
6.     Allow students the experience of hand milking a cow and
7.     Emphasise the nutritional benefits of drinking milk and consuming other dairy products in an entertaining manner.

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Phone A Farmer

Phone A Farmer is our new program.

The program includes;
  • An initial phone conversation with the teacher to discuss topics
  • Information sheets on our farm and the dairy industry with reference to available resources for further information
  • Three 30 minute skype sessions with us on farm. During a session we will focus on your chosen topic and take questions from your students. Session timings can be weekly, fortnighly or monthly!
  • Our learning resource created by Angela Colliver (applicable to Technology Mandatory Stage 4)

Phone A Farmer is our way of connecting with schools all over Australia and can be tailored to each classrooms learning objectives.

Education through interaction!